TEXT, 2006
Audio/video installation
MMMM (Mid Montly Multimedia) at Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE.

Incoming text messages were documented and processed through a custom built system, converted into audio, and added to an audio loop playing in the space.

“It became a satire of both the banality of the use of this complicated technology and a satire of office settings that may desire a paperless utopia but continue to waste energy in double-speak-like activities.” (read the review)

Download the audio from the show: TEXT audio (3mb)

Press Release
Audible and Visual lines of communication have for years now been able to almost instantaneously link peoples’ voices and faces around the world. So why is it that text messaging has gained so much popularity in recent years? Does it truly save us time? Is our meaning lost from the spoken word to the written text? Is it the indirectness that we like? Are we afraid of the answers to our questions? These are the questions that we’d like to answer.

At Tugboat Gallery’s MMMM (mid-month multi-media) Jadon Ulrich explores the ideas of textual communication in an installation of the printed page, sound, and screen. Bring your mobile phone and your thoughts to take part in the interactive installation. Even if you can’t make it out to the gallery, text 402.215.7200 between the hours of 7-9 PM on Wednesday, February the 15th to take part in the show.